PP Sediment 5-Pcs Water Filter Cartridge


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Extra Features

  • Filter Dimension: 2.5"D x 14"W x 10"H
  • Operate Temperature: 4-52 Degrees / 39-126 Fahrenheit
  • Flow Rate: 2.5-5GPM
  • Item Weight: 0.64Kg
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • 5 pcs pp sediment filter 
  • Assure safe and testy water
  • Remove the bad smell of water
  • Remove Iron and other particles from the water


A sediment filter takes action as a filter to remove particles. The important thing is to make sure about sediment filters reduce sediment. They do not detach chemicals or heavy metals or make water taste or smell better. Generally, a sediment filter is evaluated by a "micron" number. PP Spun Fiber - For removal of particles, dust, mud, etc. This filter eliminates up to 99% of dissolved solids, chlorine, fluoride, microorganisms, and heavy metals such as barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, and mercury from water.

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