RO 7 Stage UV+Mineral Water Purifier


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Model FE-RO50-A1

Discription 6 stage domestic RO system with mineral ball cartridge

water purifier for home use ; water purifier for directly drinking; RO system

Capacity 50GPD ( 50 gallons per day)

Flush Type Manual flush

Power supply 220V/110V  50/60HZ

Ro membrane Vontron brand or morn bands for your choice

Housing same the photos

Pump GrandForestBrand

Fitting Quick fitting

Ro faucet D-01 faucet ( plastic handle faucet)

Pressure tank 3 gallon plastic pressure tank

unit pakcing 41*35*54CM

stage ITEM Funtiion service life

1st PP-10A PP fiber filtration wipes off impurities, algae, silt, sediment 2-3month

2nd GAC-10A GAC filtration wipes off residual chlorine, THM’s, unpleasant smell, pesticides, chemical poisons 3-6months

3rd CTO-10B Block carbon remove the heterochrosis,odour,chroline and other materials which are harmful to health.To improve the taste, Will use the micropore of the active carbon filter to holdback the microgranule,micro colloid and micro suspended materials. To make the water which into the RO membrane is suitable so as make the lifespan of the ro membrane are longer 3-6month

4th RO RO membrane,remove the micro impurities,colloid,metal,bacterials and so on,only

left the water molecule and dissolved oxygen,output water is purity water 12-24month

5th T33A Post active carbon(T33),improve the PH,avoid the second contamination

Mineral ball filter, add mineral material in the pure water, more healthy. 10-12months

6th MB-10 Add mineral materials into purified water 12-24 months

7th UV Kill bacteria, avoid secondary pollution 24-36 months

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